Monday, September 14, 2009

Lip Smackers

I don't know about you, but when I was younger, there was no beauty product that I loved more than Lip Smackers. Not a single thing ranked higher on my list! I would save up my money. Willing to take the garbage out for my brothers, just to get some extra money. Every week when we would go do our shopping, I would buy a new Lip Smacker.

Not much as changed! Except that I can now afford to buy makeup. But I still find myself leaning toward Lip Smackers. And Saturday was no exception! Robert and I were on our way to the State Fair for opening day. But we had to make a quick stop at Walgreen's. I bought 3 more! I didn't need them. But it is almost like an addiction. These are still one of my must haves. ♥

Saturday, September 12, 2009

NYX Cosmetics

I am so excited! My friend Lola has been selling NYX makeup for a while now. I keep wanting to buy something from her. I see other friends of ours that buy stuff from her. The quality seems so good. But I am not really a big makeup person. And I very rarely get out of my comfort zone of neutral colors. But I called Lola last week and ordered a few things from her.

I got my package in the mail yesterday. It was a nice surprise to see it when I got home! I didn't stray from my neutral colors. But I did buy a couple of things that I absolutely love!

I got the Doll Eyes Mascara in Extreme Black. In waterproof. I love the way my lashes look today with this on!

I also got 2 trios. The first is TS27. The colors are Platinum Pink, Salmon, and Jazzy Bronze. All really nice pink colors.

The second is TS3. I kind of don't like that the trios don't have names. But oh well. These colors are Nude, Taupe, and Dark Brown. I am wearing this today.

I also bought 2 blushes. This is PB19 Nutmeg. A very pretty color!

The second is PB02 Dusty Rose. This is beautiful. It gives me a "glow" effect. I can see this as being my favorite blush from now on!

The last 2 products are lip products. Lola wears this beautiful color when her makeup is natural. I ask her what it was. Well, it is a lip pencil and a lipgloss.

The lip pencil is SPL831 Mauve. This picture shows it as a dark color. But it is real neutral. A little pink. On me it is just a little nicer than my lip color.

And lastly, I bought a Goddess of the Night lipgloss in LG122 Natural. A very pretty pink color. The 2 together just make a perfect color.

I am definitely going to be buying more from Lola. These products are very nice for the price. I spent about $25 on 7 products. The colors and textures are amazing! I use makeup from the drugstore and the department store. This makeup comes at prices from the drugstore, with department store quality. ♥

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Thunks

I just got back from dinner with Robert. He is working. So I met him at the hospital. I think he really appreciated the home cooked meal in the middle of his shift! Now it is time for this week's Thursday Thunks.♥

1. A 90 year old man's dying wish in South Carolina was to be buried in his car. Link If you were told tomorrow you have 3 weeks to live, would you have any dying wishes or something special done before you died?

I would just want to spend time with my friends and family. I might want to take a trip up to Chimayo. But nothing too special. Just spending quality time with the people I love.

2. Do you pay for more stuff using a credit/debit card or cold hard cash?

It's a toss up between cash and my debit card. I try to use cash ahead of everything. I don't really like to use my credit cards unless I have to.

3. What's cuter- a baby lizard or a baby snake?

A baby lizard. We see them around here all the time. I am not too found of snakes, babies or not!

4. You go out to eat by yourself at a restaurant. While waiting for your food do you people watch & eavesdrop on others conversations, read a book, use a laptop or chat with people around you?

I usually people watch. I am good about that anywhere I go. I really like to people watch at the mall!

5. If you see someone walking around with toilet paper stuck to their shoe, do you tell them or just laugh?

I tell them. Because I would like to hope that if it happened to me, someone would tell me!

6. You are talking to someone you just met but you can't understand them at all because of their accent. Do you tell them you can't understand them or just smile and nod?

I tell them. I want to know what they are saying. If they are taking the time to talk to me, I owe them that much!

7. Mudfest! Park filled with pools of mud and an obstacle course of mud. Do you go and play in the mud?

I do! I play in the Mud Volleyball Tournament we have here! It is lots of fun!

8. Have you ever had a headache so bad it effected your vision?

I used to have bad headaches in high school. The kind that leave you crying in bed. Crumpled in a ball because everything hurts. I later found out they were linked to PMS. And got on the pill to cure them. I haven't had one since!

9. Would you fit in more with the circus, Hollywood, Broadway, or comedy circuit types?

My brothers would say the circus! I am not really talented in the whole singing, dancing, or telling jokes area. But if I had to choose, I would say Broadway. I like the music!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Did anyone happen to watch the show Glee tonight? It comes out on FOX. Here it came out at 8PM.

It was hilarious! Robert was working, so I was a little bored. And just surfing through the channels. Hoping to find something to watch. And I stumbled on Glee as it was starting. I think it is a funny show. It could be one of my favorite new shows of the season! It had me laughing the entire time.

And the music, oh the music! It brought back so many memories of my youth. I could seriously remember dancing to Push It! I even called my brothers so they could watch it. I think at first, they thought I was crazy. But according to my sisters-in-law, they both enjoyed it.

Even more hilarious, Ava and Tabi both liked it too! I read it on their twitter pages! If you want to laugh, you should watch next week! I know I am going to! ♥

I Want...Wednesday

This week's I Want Wednesday.

What comic book/superhero do you want to see a live action television show of? What do you want this week? Share it all.

I would like to see another Wonder Woman. Something new and fresh. A show that is about a female superhero to inspire all the girls out there. To put a positive spin to being a female. There is nothing like that now for little girls to enjoy. I think we could really use it. I think if they put a modern spin on it, it would be a wonderful show! Something that I would watch, with the right casting, writing, and so on. ♥

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day! My family and friends are planning a big BBQ at my parents' house today. I am really excited about that. Because the meaning behind today is to solute the American worker, I am the chef to day. I think all of my family members deserve the day off! Although, Robert insists that he is going to grill.

But we should have a wonderful day. Celebrating the fact that we still have jobs and are making it through the tough economy. Have a wonderful and safe day with your loved ones! ♥

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Planning Meals

Since my mom got sick, we have all pitched in to help wherever we could. Because I don't have to work, I pick up a lot of the slack. And I don't mind. I do most of the cooking. But that is something that I enjoy a lot.

But I have to plan everything in advance. I need to make sure that the recipes are heart healthy. I need to go do all the shopping. And then, I devote 1 good day to cooking. I try and cook 2 meals a day for my parents. But I only do it once a week. On my "Cooking Day" I make 14 meals. My dad handles breakfast. My parents eat oatmeal every day.

I cook and then put the food away. I do this all day. My mom tries to help with things she can do. But I try to get her to rest. So I cook, and we put the food in storage containers. About 4 meals go in the refrigerator. The rest go in the freezer. That way it is good later in the week when they need to eat.

But I feel bad. Because I wish my parents could get fresh food every single day. Dad is not the best of cooks, so that leaves me. But I can't be there every day either. So I am looking into some Crockpot recipes. Maybe I can combine all the ingredients up before hand. And maybe twice a week dad can throw them in the crockpot before he goes to work.

I just need to find some good recipes. Lots of the recipes that I have found, are not very healthy. And I just can't imagine feeding my mom an entire crockpot of nacho cheese. Or the same stew over and over again. My meal planning is always a very detailed process. But it might just get more detailed, if I can show dad how to use the crockpot! ♥

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Thunks

I'm still worried about our plant. It isn't looking so good. The leaves are starting to fall off of it. But at least Robert is back to a somewhat normal work week. He will never work a normal 9-5, but this is so much better than the last few weeks! ♥

1. Your thoughts on truck drivers?

They are a lot nicer than they first appear. Appearances can be deceiving.

2. Did you hear Michelle Duggar is pregnant for the 15th time? (but that will be kid #19 if you lost count....)

I read it on the AOL homepage yesterday. That is crazy!

3. Have you ever done something to hurt someone intentionally... just for the sole purpose of hurting them because you thought they deserved it? Maybe a paybacks a bitch sort of thing?

No, but sometimes I wish I had done something to Javi. But that is all in the past now.

4. Is there anyone in your life that when you go to their place of residence, you just walk in without bother knocking? Does anyone just walk into your house without knocking?

I just walk into my parents' house. We all do. And I just walk into Robert's house in town. But we live 2 different houses. No one besides Robert walks into my house without knocking. My brothers knock, dance, sing...they do it all until I open the door!

5. Whats in the trunk of your car? Do you even have a clue?

I'm not completely certain. I know I have a pair of shoes in there. And a dress that needs to go to the dry cleaners. Other than that, I have no clue!

6. When you go to a family holiday get together (such as Christmas or Thanksgiving), about how many people are there?

At least 30. But most of the time, there is a lot more!

7. What is in your kitchen sink right at this very moment?

Nothing, I just did the dishes!

8. You go to a store to buy an expensive item... say $150. You pick up that item and a couple other this n' thats. You get to the register and the expensive item rings up at $40. The cashier doesn't seem to notice and tells you your total. Do you go with what they say and pay it or do you question the price difference? You know you would question it if your $40 item rang up at $150....

I honestly would not question it. If the store can't get their prices correct, I am sorry. I would never steal anything. But if they have mispriced something, I am sorry, but I am taking the deal. Stores inflate prices enough!

9. Do you fold your underwear or do you just toss it in a drawer?

I stack it all up and put it in the drawer. Robert folds everything nice and neat.

10. There is a Harley-Davidson giveaway. Chances are $100 and they are only selling 250 tickets. Do you buy one?

No, motorcycles aren't really my thing.

11. Who is your favorite Disney character?

Minnie Mouse

12. It's September - most of the weekly sitcoms/dramas are starting new seasons again. Which one are you most looking forward to?

Grey's Anatomy. I want to know if they kill off Izzy too!

13. You are at a grocery store and are on your way out to your car with your cart full of grocery bags. On your way to your car you see a black kitten in an empty cart. What do you do?

Try to find some kind of food to feed it. After that, I would probably call the Animal Humane Association.

14. Is there anything that you do for a hobby that you are asked to do for friends/family that most people would hire a professional to do? (example: cake decorating, fixing cars....)

Not really. I'm not that talented. But since my mom got sick, I do my parents' shopping, help out with chores around their house, and cook at least 70% of their meals.

15. Are we there yet?

Are we where?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Want...Wednesday

Here's this week's I Want Wednesday.

What meal do you want at this very instant? What do you want this week? Share it all.

Right now, I really want some fresh green chile. The kind like my mom makes. With hamburger meat. Yum! And beans, with fresh tortillas. Probably because I went to Smith's to pick up a few things, and they were roasting chile. It smelled so good! Nothing beats roasting green chile.

And my neighbor was making frijoles this morning. I could smell them! I would give anything to have a meal like that! I cook, but it is not the same. My mom just has a special way about the way she makes her chile. And her beans. She cooks so good! The tortillas come out perfect too! It sounds odd, I know. But I would like some green chile, frijoles, and tortillas. ♥