Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Plant is Sad

This plant, is an anthurium. I learned that after googling every imaginable word combination I could think of to describe our plant. Until I found this picture. It only took 2 hours.

Robert is always getting things from his patients, and their families. About 2 weeks ago we got this plant. It was beautiful. The leaves were large and waxy. Which is healthy for this plant. Then Robert had his crazy week at work. And I just went about my business.

I watered all the plants inside and out like we always do. Outside, we water 3 times a week. Our house plants get one really good watering at the beginning of the week. That is it!

But this plant has looked bad for about a week. I took it out of the dark room it was in. And I put it in a room with much more sunlight. I watered it with about 2 cups of water. Because the soil was really dry. Robert looked at it too. We did not know what to do.

There was no little tag in this plant. The kind with care instructions. The people had sent it via a florist. No instructions on how to care for it. Turns out, we have been slowly killing our tropical plant. It needs little water, and we need to let it dry out between waterings. And it needs sunlight, but not direct sunlight.

Our poor plant, it is suffering dearly. The leaves are turning yellow. So I set to google. I found some care instructions. And soon, I pray it will begin to look better. ♥

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Beautiful Sunday

Life gets busy and filled with so much outside clutter, that we tend to forget the important things. Mi familia tries really hard to remember the importance of our Familia. Tonight, we had our weekly Family Dinner at my parents' house. I offered to cook. Mom helped me the best way that she could. She cut up the fruit and helped me stay on task. And I really enjoyed our time in the kitchen together!

We had a big dinner. Mi hermanos y mi hermanita and all of their familias came over. It is a weekly dinner, but sometimes somebody has something else they have to do. With kids, life, and work, well life happens. Tonight, everyone made it. Robert also got off of work to come. Bless my sweet man, for taking his lunch break to come eat dinner with us!

The food was good. But the conversation was so much better! I enjoy my family so much. They really do mean the world to me. To see how much they enjoy Robert. And just how perfectly he fits into our familia. It is also nice to see Mom feeling better. And her and Dad so in love, even after all of these years!

Mi hermanos are also too good! They decided to do the dishes. They felt like Mom and I had done so much already. Mi hermanita is running around with the kids. And Robert had to head back to work. Mom and Dad are enjoying a little alone time in the garden. It is definitely a Blessed Day. And I am so glad to be a part of this wonderful familia. ♥

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fig Love

Today Mi Hemanita called. She wanted me to meet her at Target. You see, Mi Hermanita moved recently. And she is trying to decorate her new house. Something that my Mom would normally do for her, if she wasn't sick. Since Mom got sick, we are trying to be there for each other in ways that Mom used to be able to be there for us.

We met at Target and the first thing we did was have a snack. Because that is what we do, eat. If you are interested, we had salty pretzels with cheese and we each had one of those frozen fruit drinks. It was good! And we were ready to shop. I cannot believe it took us 3 hours to decide on kitchen utensils, curtains for the kitchen and stuff for her guest bathroom. We are not even close to being finished, but it was a good start.

From there, I wanted to look at the makeup. Recently, my love of makeup is taking over. Really I wanted to pick up 2 of the Studio eyeshadow brushes. The small ones, I think they are actually called the, "Small Smudge Brush." Which I found. And I also bought a smudger brush. For the 3 brushes, I think I spent $9.

But it was when I rounded the corner and saw a display of Cover Girl's Fruit Spritzers that I got excited! I have a few. They are just fun and summery. One of the products that I always have in my purse. I LOVE the different flavors and the fun colors. Let me be honest with you, I have abut 6 of them already. But it was the Fig Splash #510, that caught my eye.

Fig Splash is a nude color. Like the other Fruit Spritzers, it has a nice fruit flavor and scent. A hint of Fig. It is not overpowering. There is definitely a shimmery finish to the gloss. But this color is definitely a must have for me. My lips have a very nude color to them. Not those pinky lips like my other friends. So this color doesn't add color to my lips, it just adds a nice shimmery finish. This color makes me feel like a summer Goddess.

For ladies with a slightly tan skin tone, like Latinas, this is a must have. It adds just enough to let you know that you are wearing something. But not so much that all people see is your lips. It was a product under $4 for a 13 ml tube. I can definitely see myself buying this product over and over. It just adds a nice finish to the nude lip. ♥

Friday, August 28, 2009

Seeing Green Smoke

I went to Wally World today to pick up some groceries for my parents. We all try and help out in any way that we can. So I went shopping today. I had talked to dad about all the snacks he had wanted. And I made my way to Wally World. It was packed when I got there! While there, I decided to do some shopping for Robert and I too. That is how I ended up in the beauty aisles.

I found this makeup brand CQ. I had never heard of it before. And I am going to assume that it is only sold at Wal-Mart. Don't quote me on that. Because I am not positive. I am just giving my experience. I have never seen it at the Wal-Mart that I regularly shop at, but they also don't sell those makeup brushes that Lola finds either. CQ sells a wide variety of products ranging from eyeshadow to lipstick to nail polish. There was a lot to choose from. But I wanted to try something new. Something that I wouldn't normally buy.

That is when I saw Green Smoke #308. There is a light lime green, a medium purple, and a dark green. The dark green reminds me of a hunter green. All 3 shadows have a little shimmer. But it is not too much. Very wearable, together, or with other eyeshadows that you already own. The shadows all have a very good texture, and with a base, show good color. The texture really surprised me for the price. They are not chaulky like most drugstore brand eyeshadows. Instead, they are a creamy texture. As creamy as you can get with a powder.

I can't remember right off hand if I paid $4 or $5 for the trio. But it was definitely under $5. These eyeshadows surprised me very much! The colors blend easily. They show a nice color. And they are something fun that I can add to my makeup collection. I can't wait to really start experimenting with them. I will definitely keep my eyes open the next time I go to Wal-Mart. I want to try a couple of more CQ products. ♥

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Thunks

Robert is still sleeping. He had a long night at work. I am trying to be quiet so he can rest. That lead me to reading blogs this morning. And this week's Thursday Thunks. ♥

1. Have you ever played Bullshit?


2. A dog licks you on your face. Are you disgusted or thinking it was sweet?

I think it is sweet. If it is my dog. Or someone close to me's dog.

3. Tell us about a fun/special memory you have of a grandparent.

When I was going to start school, this 5 year old didn't want to go. I had gotten used to being with my grandma while my parents worked. My grandma decided to spend the last day of my non-school days together. We cooked, played, and talked. My grandma had made me some cookies to take with me to my first day of school. My grandma and I went to the store and bought my school supplies and my pink backpack. And she wrote me a note. My grandma stick it in the front pocket of my backpack. I didn't see it.

The following Monday when I had to go to school. I had a complete meltdown. I didn't want to get on the bus, I wanted to go to grandma's house. My mom called my grandma to let me talk to her. She told me that I was a big girl now. And I had to go to school to get smart. She told me that I had a surprise in my backpack. But that I could only get it if I went on the bus.

I told my mom I was ready to go. My brothers and I walked to the bus stop with our mom. Once I was on the bus, I opened up my backpack. I found my note. Grandma even drew me a flower with crayons. She also put a chocolate candy bar and a small teddy bear in there. I was so excited. Grandma really made me feel special that day. I met my first school friend when I got to school. And that day during recess, we shared my candy bar. I knew grandma loved me.

4. Have you ever pet a rat?

No. Snakes, yes. My brothers always had reptiles.

5. If I walked into your kitchen, where are the cups?

In the cabinet nearest the refrigerator. They are on the bottom shelf.

6. Since you already let me in your home, I found the cup and had water, now where's the bathroom from the kitchen?

Down the hall, first door on the left.

7. Have you ever pet a turtle or tortoise?

Yes, my brothers had 5 when we were growing up.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Want...Wednesday

Here's this week's question for I Want...Wednesday.

What do you want to do more often with your significant other (or best friend if you're single)? What do you want this week? Share it all.

Robert has been working long hours lately. Last week he had a lot of surgeries. This week he is on-call. I would just like some more time with him. I know that he is a doctor. And that they work long hours. He has been working 100+ hours a week, for the last month. But I would like a few days with him. With no worry about heading to work.

I love Robert so much. I just want a chance to spend some uninterrupted time together. Maybe take a trip to the mountains. To be away from all of the stress of the city. Time to talking about nothing, cuddle, and just be a happy couple. I guess I just want to spend more time with the love of my life! ♥

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Joined Twitter

I have a few friends on twitter. They are all busy with life. And living away from here. A couple of times a week, I check their twitter pages to see what they are busy doing. For a little while, I have secretly wanted my own account. Tonight I signed up. Robert got called into work. And I found myself a little bored. I caught up on my blog reading. Then went to twitter. After reading through Lola's and Sara's pages, I figured, why not. And I signed up. I hope to have some fun keeping up with my friends! ♥

Saturday, August 22, 2009

They Rescued Me!

This morning, as promised, my brothers came to rescue me. They are hilarious, but I am glad they came. At 7AM they were singing outside our front door. They don't knock like normal people. Robert was on call, and had to go into work early this morning. That left me with the mess that I had started on Tuesday. My brothers came over ready to paint. But I don't think they were ready for what they saw.

Like Robert, my brothers were in shock at my mess. I don't know how it happened. It just did. Tuesday when Robert went to work, I had begun my adventure. I carefully taped the base boards, trim, and cabinets. I mixed the paint like the man had told me to. And I began to paint. This is the first time I have ever tried. I quickly discovered that I was not very good at all. I had paint everywhere! Including my hair. The painters tape quickly peeled off. To say it was a disaster, is just an understatement!

But my brothers came to save the day. Robert had already sanded down part of my disaster. He cleaned up the base boards. Everything was ready to go. My brothers came in and within 3 hours, they had everything painted with 2 coats. It looks beautiful!

For all of their hard work, I treated my brothers to dinner tonight. We went to Quarter's and had a HUGE dinner. They were very happy. And I am very happy with my pretty kitchen. I can't wait until Robert gets home so he can see it too! ♥

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Thunks

Here's another addition of the Thursday Thunks. ♥

1. Your thoughts on hunting?

I think it is fine. As long as you are being responsible about it.

2. Swine Flu vaccine... will you get it?

I don't think so. But I worry about Robert.

3. What is one job/profession that you think there are just too many of?

Tabloid reporters. I really don't care who Jon is dating. Or what kind of mess Lindsey has made of her life. I think there are just too many tabloids. Let those people breath and be somewhat normal.

4. I want to go on a diet, what advice will you offer me?

Not to be around me. I like sweets too much!

5. You are going out on a date with someone for the very first time. When you get into their car, you see a box of condoms on the floor. What do you do?

Wonder what kind of person this is. And wonder just what is expected of me.

6. Name something in your bathroom that shouldn't be there.

My shoes are all over the floor. I really need to put them away.

7. What was your Kindergarten teacher like?

She was silly. And kind. I always remember her dancing around the class. And bringing us small gifts.

8. What kind of oil do you use when you cook?

Olive Oil

9. If someone takes an unflattering picture of you and posts it online, do you beg them to take it down or do you laugh at yourself with everyone else?

I don't mind. We all take silly pictures. We are human.

10. What brand of dishwashing soap do you use?

Dawn. The blue one. Every time I see the bottle, I think of those ducks from the commercial.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Want...Wednesday

Here is this week's question for I Want...Wednesday.

What do you want to undo that you have already done? What do you want this week? Share it all.

I tried to paint the kitchen. I really want to undo that. The color is perfect. My skills...not so much! The painters tape didn't do it's job. My lines are not too good. It just turned into a mess.

My hermanos are coming to help me fix it on Saturday. Let's see what happens. I didn't think painting could be so hard. Lola has painted the entire interior of her casita many times. I figured I could do the cocina. But my skills are not so good. At least I know for the next time I have an good idea like this! ♥

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cherry Blossom Find

I finally made it to the mall to buy my boots. Mi hermanita called me to meet her for lunch. She got off of work early today. And we decided to just bum around the mall for a little while. We ate at Panda Express. And Bakers Shoes is just right there. I couldn't resist! I bought my boots and was quite happy with myself.

But my sister was in a bit of a fashion crisis. One of her close friends is getting married. And she is in the wedding. But there are all these events she has to go to. My sister has already spent $400 on her dress and shoes for the wedding. She didn't want to spend a whole lot more on outfits for the bridal shower, a luncheon that the family is hosting, and the rehearsal dinner. So after searching the mall from top to bottom, all she found was 1 dress.

She wanted to go to the other mall across town. Which I was happy about. I live on that side of town. We went. And almost immediately end up at Forever 21. Mi hermanita ended up buying 2 dresses, a skirt, and a cardigan. All really cute, for under $60! She always finds the best deals.

While I was waiting on her to try the dresses on, I spotted this bracelet. With the pretty cherry blossom design. Isn't it cute? I don't really buy a lot of clothes at Forever 21. They always fit me weird. They are cute, but just don't fit me. But I like their jewelry. And I couldn't go wrong with this bracelet. It was just over $6 with tax. It is big and chunky. The perfect piece to add some style to your ordinary t-shirt and jeans! You can also find it online. ♥

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Good Lunch Date

Today Stephanie and I met for lunch. Robert went golfing with Enzo and Mike. They all needed that! The hospital has been a little crazy lately. I figured I would catch up with Stephanie. She has been so busy with her new job, that we haven't really seen each other all summer. I still can't believe how big Kristina is. At the last minute, Kristina's sitter called and canceled. So Steph brought her to lunch. She is already 16 months old! Wow, it just seems like yesterday that she was born.

Steph seems really happy. She is dating a nice guy. He seems to be very loving to both Steph and Kristina. I am glad. They both deserve a good guy. And her new job sounds like the answer to her prayers. There is even a daycare on site. Steph likes that because she gets to eat lunch with Kristina. And they are moving. The new house is a 3 bedroom. Much better than the 1 bedroom that they now live in.

It was just a fun afternoon. We went the Macaroni Grill. Kristina had a blast coloring the tablecloth. I have to admit that I did too! The food was so good! I am still stuffed. And after our 2 hour lunch and dessert, I had strawberry cheesecake. We went to Toys-R-Us. I just had to buy Kristina something. We all decided on a small Cabbage Patch Kid. It is really too cute! And just the right size for Kristina to carry around.

I am glad we could meet today. It was nice for the soul. And although the beginning of our friendship was less than desirable, I am glad that we are friends. The one thing, that once tied us together so long ago, is no longer a factor for either one of us. We are just left with an amazing friendship and precious Kristina. ♥

Friday, August 14, 2009

Boot Love

I'm just going to say it. I am a shoe-aholic. And I can't help myself!

Although it is still warm out, it has been in the 90s all week here. I am looking for shoes for the fall. And boots, because I like to wear boots when it gets cool outside. That lead me to Bakers Shoes and these boots.

They have them in both black and tan. But I like the tan. They just seem more wearable to me. The heel is a 3 inch stacked heel. So very wearable. You won't have to worry about teetering around. The boot is called the NATALI and is $130.

I could see myself wearing these with jeans and a t-shirt early in fall. Then wearing them with a much more layered look as it gets colder outside. These boots could actually become a staple for my winter/fall wardrobe. They are versatile and look very comfy. Now I just need to get to the mall! ♥

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Thunks

I have also decided to do the meme Thursday Thunks. It looks fun and will keep me blogging more regularly. At least I hope so! ♥

1. Hypothetical question- you are in a building with famous works of art, old manuscripts of famous novels, and original sheet music from famous composers. The building is on fire and looks to be completely destroyed. Do you grab any of the famous works before fleeing, and if so what?

I would grab the famous novels. I like to read.

2. In August 1969, the Manson family went on a 2 night killing spree. Do you think 40 years later they have paid for their crimes?

I don't think so. But they went to trial and got their sentence. I will let the justice system monitor things like that.

3. Power Outage! What's the longest you have been without power?

We were without power for 24 hours last year. It wasn't so bad. But I go camping and such. In that situation, I have done well without power for about 10 days.

4. Just bought a new tazer gun. Will you let it be tested it on you to see if it works, and how it feels to be tazered?

No, I would not want to be tazered. That is something I never want to feel.

5. A neighbor's mail was delivered to you. In it is a magazine not wrapped in plastic. Is it ok for you to flip through it before giving it to the neighbor? Do you tell them you looked through it?

I think it is OK to flip through it. As long as you don't mess it up. Or keep it too long. I really don't see the reason in telling them about it though.

6. If I went through your purse/wallet right now, what all would I find in there?

I don't even want to think about the mess in my purse right now. But I could guarantee that you would find lipgloss, my wallet, gum, and a notebook.

7. Have you been living under a rock?

I felt like I was a few years ago. Then I peeked out and realized just how bad things had gotten. It's a good think I peeked though!

8. Tell us something crazy you did this week.

I went running on the Bosque. I did not prepare myself for that.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Want...Wednesday

To add some life to my blog, I am going to follow Lola's lead. And do a weekly meme. Maybe 2. For now, I am starting with I Want...Wedesday. I seem to always find time to get on the computer on Wednesday. Here is this week's question and my answer. ♥

What do you want to happen faster? Slower? What do you want this week? Share it all.

I want the wait for my mom's heart to go quicker. She has been waiting since October 2007. I am ready for her to be well again. And for this crisis to be behind us. I just want her to be healthy again. I would like for the weekend to go slower. As quickly as Friday evening comes, Monday morning is here. With Robert's schedule, I would really like for the weekend to go slower. ♥

Monday, August 10, 2009

Starting My Blog

I need a place to get my thoughts out. And after talking with Lola, I decided a blog is a good place to start. This blog is going to be about my life. You will read stories about my loving boyfriend. My incredible mom. And life as a latina. At times, my life can become overwhelming. But I have the strength and love a wonderful man and an amazing familia. ♥