Saturday, September 12, 2009

NYX Cosmetics

I am so excited! My friend Lola has been selling NYX makeup for a while now. I keep wanting to buy something from her. I see other friends of ours that buy stuff from her. The quality seems so good. But I am not really a big makeup person. And I very rarely get out of my comfort zone of neutral colors. But I called Lola last week and ordered a few things from her.

I got my package in the mail yesterday. It was a nice surprise to see it when I got home! I didn't stray from my neutral colors. But I did buy a couple of things that I absolutely love!

I got the Doll Eyes Mascara in Extreme Black. In waterproof. I love the way my lashes look today with this on!

I also got 2 trios. The first is TS27. The colors are Platinum Pink, Salmon, and Jazzy Bronze. All really nice pink colors.

The second is TS3. I kind of don't like that the trios don't have names. But oh well. These colors are Nude, Taupe, and Dark Brown. I am wearing this today.

I also bought 2 blushes. This is PB19 Nutmeg. A very pretty color!

The second is PB02 Dusty Rose. This is beautiful. It gives me a "glow" effect. I can see this as being my favorite blush from now on!

The last 2 products are lip products. Lola wears this beautiful color when her makeup is natural. I ask her what it was. Well, it is a lip pencil and a lipgloss.

The lip pencil is SPL831 Mauve. This picture shows it as a dark color. But it is real neutral. A little pink. On me it is just a little nicer than my lip color.

And lastly, I bought a Goddess of the Night lipgloss in LG122 Natural. A very pretty pink color. The 2 together just make a perfect color.

I am definitely going to be buying more from Lola. These products are very nice for the price. I spent about $25 on 7 products. The colors and textures are amazing! I use makeup from the drugstore and the department store. This makeup comes at prices from the drugstore, with department store quality. ♥

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