Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Thunks

I just got back from dinner with Robert. He is working. So I met him at the hospital. I think he really appreciated the home cooked meal in the middle of his shift! Now it is time for this week's Thursday Thunks.♥

1. A 90 year old man's dying wish in South Carolina was to be buried in his car. Link If you were told tomorrow you have 3 weeks to live, would you have any dying wishes or something special done before you died?

I would just want to spend time with my friends and family. I might want to take a trip up to Chimayo. But nothing too special. Just spending quality time with the people I love.

2. Do you pay for more stuff using a credit/debit card or cold hard cash?

It's a toss up between cash and my debit card. I try to use cash ahead of everything. I don't really like to use my credit cards unless I have to.

3. What's cuter- a baby lizard or a baby snake?

A baby lizard. We see them around here all the time. I am not too found of snakes, babies or not!

4. You go out to eat by yourself at a restaurant. While waiting for your food do you people watch & eavesdrop on others conversations, read a book, use a laptop or chat with people around you?

I usually people watch. I am good about that anywhere I go. I really like to people watch at the mall!

5. If you see someone walking around with toilet paper stuck to their shoe, do you tell them or just laugh?

I tell them. Because I would like to hope that if it happened to me, someone would tell me!

6. You are talking to someone you just met but you can't understand them at all because of their accent. Do you tell them you can't understand them or just smile and nod?

I tell them. I want to know what they are saying. If they are taking the time to talk to me, I owe them that much!

7. Mudfest! Park filled with pools of mud and an obstacle course of mud. Do you go and play in the mud?

I do! I play in the Mud Volleyball Tournament we have here! It is lots of fun!

8. Have you ever had a headache so bad it effected your vision?

I used to have bad headaches in high school. The kind that leave you crying in bed. Crumpled in a ball because everything hurts. I later found out they were linked to PMS. And got on the pill to cure them. I haven't had one since!

9. Would you fit in more with the circus, Hollywood, Broadway, or comedy circuit types?

My brothers would say the circus! I am not really talented in the whole singing, dancing, or telling jokes area. But if I had to choose, I would say Broadway. I like the music!

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